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New Parking Lot Layout
We have experience reading blueprints and laying out new parking lots from Richmond Mall when it first opened to numerous shopping centers, office buildings, and garages. There is no new layout that we can't handle.
Pat Flowers Inc. Services
At Pat Flowers Inc., we have the experience to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique parking lot line striping and pavement marking needs.
Parking Lot Re-Striping
Parking Lot Striping is a quick way to brighten up the aesthetics of your property and prevent accidents. Pavement markings are critical in facilitating smooth traffic flow and safe pedestrian passage. 
Roadway Striping
We have 17 years of experience in roadway striping for numerous towns, villages, and cities. Our Crew has the expertise to professionally paint long-line, channel lines, crosswalks, tranverse, arrows, and "ONLY" markings.